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10 major advantages of marrying young

The smell of spring is in the air, isn’t it? And with it, perhaps, the sweet fragrance of upcoming weddings. Some of you may be considering taking the leap of youth. My friend Ana did it at the tender age of 20 and, guess what, she doesn’t regret it! If that’s enough to make you climb the mountains of doubt, allow me to guide you through the 10 undeniable advantages of marrying young. Enlighten yourself, get inspired and breathe in the air of possibility.

Young marriage: an excellent idea? Decoding

Ana, one of my loyal readers, recently confided in me: You know, I married my first love at 23 and I’ve never regretted it. Of course, everyone has their own life trajectory and pace, but early marriage undeniably has its advantages. Let’s discover together these 10 major benefits of marrying young.

1. Time is your ally

Marrying young gives you a fantastic advantage: time. You have more time to get to know your partner, to grow together, to build a life together that’s just like you.

2. Endless energy

Ahh, youth… Those years of effervescence, energy and thirst for adventure! You can take full advantage of this dynamic to build your life as a couple. No mountain seems too high to climb or too difficult to overcome.

3. Learning and personal development

Young marriage can be a great school of life. Confronting opinions, sharing, making concessions: these are all opportunities to develop interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence.

4. Flexibility

One of my friends, married at 21, told me that she went to live with her husband in Australia for 3 years – an adventure they wouldn’t have envisaged with family commitments or established careers.

5. Longer family life

One of the undeniable advantages of a young marriage is the possibility of having children earlier, and thus enjoying a long and rich family life.

6. Joint financial support

The strength of a union isn’t just a pretty romantic concept. Having someone to share the financial burden with can be a significant support in achieving your material goals more quickly.


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7. Shared lifestyle habits

Marrying young can make it easier to establish shared lifestyle habits. This is a time when routines are not yet too firmly established, when flexibility is greater.

8. Valuable experience of resilience

As the old saying goes: what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger. Challenges can help build resilience that benefits the rest of your life.

9. Mutual esteem

“We were there when it all began. We built our lives together.” This is the sentiment of many people who married young. There can be great satisfaction and mutual esteem for all you’ve overcome together.

10. A strong, unique bond

Marrying young means sharing a big part of your life with someone. This facilitates the creation of a strong, unique bond that can defy the years.

Marrying young is not the solution for everyone, but it can be an opportunity to discover, grow and enjoy valuable experiences together. In the end, it’s all about following your heart, knowing your desires and making the choices that correspond to your own quest for happiness.

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