10 major advantages of marrying young

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Young marriage: an excellent idea? Decoding Ana, one of my loyal readers, recently confided in me: You know, I married my first love at 23 and I’ve never regretted it. Of course, everyone has their own life trajectory and pace, but early marriage undeniably has its advantages. Let’s discover together these 10 major benefits of … Read more

Wearing lingerie… and 9 other ways to please your man

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The magic of lingerie We have all wondered, at some point, how to ignite our man’s eyes. Allow me to share a little anecdote. Last year, on our wedding anniversary, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try something new: a beautiful piece of lingerie. Not only did I manage to make … Read more

10 reasons why an introverted woman makes a “better wife”.

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L’Introvertie: Une femme aux multiples atouts If you still think extroverted women win the marriage battle, let me introduce you to a profile you’ll find just as attractive, if not more so: the introverted woman. Now, granted, they’re not usually the queens of the dancefloor or the ones who liven up girlfriends’ parties the most. … Read more