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Personality test: Do you enjoy contact with others? Take the test to find out how sociable you really are!

Guitar or face, what you see first says a lot about your actions and thoughts.

For some months now, personality tests have been all the rage on Facebook and other social networks. They enable you to find out a little more about your character. With that in mind, here’s a brand-new test.

In front of you, you’ll find images that can reveal what kind of person you are: sociable or not? If you’re ready to study this facet of your personality, we invite you to take a look at the visual below. It’s up to you to decide which figure you see first. However, you need to be completely honest and spontaneous when giving your answer.

Personality test: what do you see?

How do you solve or answer this personality test? You need to choose and identify the first shape your eye sees in a handful of seconds. If you have to, let your intuition flow to find your answer to this test based on people’s experiences. This will allow you to let your inner self and your true face shine through. Otherwise, your results may be distorted and have nothing to do with your true nature.

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Personality test: and your answer is …

If you see a guitar…

This choice means you’re an open-minded, outgoing person. You have a taste for the unknown and no difficulty in reaching out to others. You’re always on the lookout for adventure. You like to move, challenge yourself and test your skills. One of the things you hate is staying in your comfort zone. It’s a bubble in which you shut yourself off from new opportunities. People around you perceive you as a party animal who’s always up for a good time. Apart from that, you come across as very filial. Your family is the most important thing in your life. Your worst fear is that something bad will happen to them.

If you see faces…

This means you’re a person of impassive calm and have little interest in situations that could give rise to disputes. When faced with conflicting circumstances, you prefer to keep quiet and stand back rather than intervene. On the other hand, you know how to be generous with what you have and what you know. That’s why you never hesitate to give advice to people who need it in life.

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