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You have 60 seconds to find the 12 differences in these two images!

Are you fast enough to find the 12 differences in this picture?

Are you a fan of visual tests? Today we present a classic of the genre: difference games. The principle is simple: you have to find the differences between two images. In this particular game, the images represent students relaxing in their school playground. Your mission is to find the 12 differences hidden between these two scenes. You only have 60 seconds to pass the test.

How do you pass the test in 60 seconds?

Don’t worry, despite the 12 differences to find, this game isn’t that difficult. To succeed, you’ll need to use your visual skills. Observation will be your best ally, as you’ll need to pay close attention to detail. You’ll also need to use your discernment to distinguish subtle changes between the two images. Your attention to detail will be essential for spotting small variations.

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Time also plays an important role in this game. You’ll need to be quick, as the test is timed and you have just 60 seconds to complete it.

How to spot the 12 differences

To find the differences between the two images, you need to adopt a methodical approach. Start by carefully observing the two scenes. Concentrate on all the visual elements, whether shapes, colors or the position of objects. Compare the two images quickly to spot any changes. Pay attention to small details, missing objects or subtle changes. Be patient, persistent and use your eagle eye to succeed in this challenge.


Have you found all 12 differences in the allotted time? Congratulations! You’ve got a keen eye. If not, here’s the solution in pictures.

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