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Wearing lingerie… and 9 other ways to please your man

Wearing lingerie… and 9 other ways to please your man

The magic of lingerie

We have all wondered, at some point, how to ignite our man’s eyes. Allow me to share a little anecdote. Last year, on our wedding anniversary, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try something new: a beautiful piece of lingerie. Not only did I manage to make my husband’s heart beat faster, but I also felt fiercely beautiful and confident. Ladies, let’s never forget the power of lingerie.

Exchanging little texts with love

Your next weapon? Texting or rather “sexting”. It is not for nothing that communication is called the language of love. A friend once told me how much her husband enjoys the sweet little texts she sends him at work. It’s a simple but powerful way to remind him that he is loved and important to you.

Surprise him with a meal prepared with love

My next tip takes you to the kitchen. You don’t have to be a star chef to win your man’s heart with a simple meal prepared with love.

One executive I interviewed told me that despite her tight schedule, she always finds time to prepare meals for her husband. She points out that the best way to reach a man’s heart is often through the stomach.

Nothing beats the gift of your time

Give him the most priceless gift: your time. One evening a week, treat yourself to a quiet evening without the children, without work, without distractions. One reader shared that by taking time for herself and her husband each week, their love has provided a powerful anchor in their busy lives.

Surprise him

The next tip is simple but effective: surprise him. Whether it’s a small gift, an impromptu movie night or a surprise weekend away, these little touches show your affection.

Let him know he is appreciated

Gratitude, ladies, is another key. Let him know that he is appreciated, in big and small ways. Men like to know that they are doing a good job and that they are valued.

Really listen to it

A psychologist friend told me that men need to be listened to as much as we do. So take the time to listen to him, to understand his needs and desires without interrupting or judging.

Compliment him

It’s not just us women who need compliments. Our men also need reassurance about their appearance, their work and their place in our lives.

Show him affection

Physical touch is a simple, but sometimes overlooked, way to show your man love. An unexpected hug, a caress on the back of the head, holding your hand, are all gestures that strengthen the emotional connection.

Love him as he is

Finally, the most fundamental but often the most forgotten tip: love your man as he is. Nothing delights a man more than knowing that he is loved, cherished and accepted unconditionally. So, ladies, whether you’ve been in a relationship for a few months or decades, know that there are always new ways to amaze your man. Let’s not forget that pleasing your man also means pleasing yourself.

After all, happiness is always sweeter when shared. Go ahead and may love continue to shine in your lives.

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